Vintage Inspired Swimwear

These are a few of my favorite new swim suits that I have seen out this season and all look as though they could have been made 50 years ago! Etsy is an even better choice to get the vintage real deal. I am trying to stock up on good suits in the shop...many are on their way!

You can find these at:
1. J Crew - $58 top, $56 bottoms
2. J Crew - $46 top, ? bottoms
3. Urban Outfitters, $88
4. Jantzen, $25.95
5. Anthropologie, $168
6. Anthropologie, $118


  1. oh, to wear that swim-cap with the floral bathingsuit! sigh!
    thank you for great links, and thank you for that lovely white lace two-piece dress. it was even more beautiful than on the pictures. all the best, stine.

  2. I think that I wouldn't be able to contain myself!!
    I am so glad you liked the dress...it was a beauty!