Like Icing on the Cake

Vintage hat detail with satin and velvet.


WWII Inspired Treasury

maybe its dorky, but i like making etsy treasuries every once in a while.
check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=122518

Inspiration for Today

Self-portrait by Francesca Woodman


A Lightening

I am finally lightening the color palette in my shop a bit for Spring. I love dark browns and blacks, so this is hard for me! The sky is too blue to not break out a few pastels. Here are some items currently in shop and some soon to come.


Song for Today

I can't get enough of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. When he took the reins for their new album as the Dave Rawling Machine, I was prepared for some major swooning. Here is a great song "Ruby" from the album. And thanks alot NPR for the sepia tone...heaven knows that bluegrass music should only be seen in shades of brown...


Another Dose of Inspiration

I am trying to get some photo inspiration back these days. Here is a look at the work of Loretta Lux, a modern artist who mixes photography, painting, and digital manipulation to make these haunting and surreal images of children. I love how sparse and awkward they are. Awesome styling as well!

I want to live outside

I LOVE how accessible, practical and homey the Colorado Yurk Co. makes these tents and tipis appear. oh how i want to live in the woods in a tipi with a wood stove and my dogs! am i too young for a summer home?
Also, check out this more affordable, small tipi by ReForm School


Desperately Seeking Organization

I am usually not that into fake old furniture and prefer actual age and distress, but Anthropologie is spot on with these hutches and shelves. I rarely use the term need when it comes to things, but I really really want one!

New Noisy Friend

I have woken up multiple times in the past week...usually right around 8 am...to the sound of my new woodpecker friend banging on the roof right above my bed. I have also spotted several downey woodpeckers at my feeder and in the trees at my house in the past few days. It is a charming way to start the day!

Print by Charley Harper


Shop Hat Preview

I hadn't realized how Brady Bunch this would be, but keep an eye out for these amazing hats coming soon to my shop!


song for tonight

i get the good chills everytime i hear the singer from dark dark dark cover my friend joe's song "wild goose chase" from his project elephant micah. check out both artists...such lovely songs.


going home

i keep coming across the work of this photographer, Anastasia Cazabon, and i just love it. They are dark and surreal in most cases. These few felt appropriate as....
I am headed home today and i dont quite feel ready but it will be nice to see dear sisters and parents and hit up all the overflowing thrift stores up there.


First Time

i have never had a blog before, but i burden everyone close to me with too much talk about vintage and this may be a better place to get it all out. i also have been experimenting with a new photo project involving all of the vintage clothing that is taking over my home. this is a sneak peak. of course, i will keep you updated on what is going on in my etsy shop.