oh such a perfect day

The best part of Southern Indiana summers? Quarry swimming! I have been busted and kicked out of many a quarry (generally, they require trespassing of some sort), but a friend of a friend rents a house with a quarry in the backyard...can you believe that? We got to swim guilt and worry free in honor of memorial day and my friend's birthday.
(please dont judge me for my crocs. i need and love them. i walk my dogs through creeks and into lakes...i best not be doing that in my vintage heels!)


Photo Inspiration

I have been recently revisiting the work of Photographer Julie Blackmon. I love the sense of childhood play mixed with parental insanity. Family portraits gone terribly wrong. They have a sort of collaged look with the edges of the frames usually used in really interesting way. I love it! Check out her website for more.


Head Over (platform) Heels

I am in love with these two pieces that I just put up in the shop!
1. 50s dress ties at the bust with a little flirty opening above the waistline. The print is a perfect mix of floral and polka dots.
2. The heels have 4 inch platforms, peep toe, and cut out lattice detail at the toe.

Put them together and you could win any sailor in town!


Vintage Inspired Swimwear

These are a few of my favorite new swim suits that I have seen out this season and all look as though they could have been made 50 years ago! Etsy is an even better choice to get the vintage real deal. I am trying to stock up on good suits in the shop...many are on their way!

You can find these at:
1. J Crew - $58 top, $56 bottoms
2. J Crew - $46 top, ? bottoms
3. Urban Outfitters, $88
4. Jantzen, $25.95
5. Anthropologie, $168
6. Anthropologie, $118


My First Estate Sale

I went to my first estate sale yesterday morning....OH MY GOODNESS!!! I will tell more story at the bottom, but in short, i went shoe crazy. These black and yellow/orange beauties are the one pair that i will keep (at least for a while) as a reminder of my momentous occasion!

Multi-color snake skin heels

Cream and Black Tuxedo Wingtip Heels (Never worn)

Two tone Purple Lace up Heels

Corset Lace Ivory/Buff Heels

Italian Made Minimalist Gladiator Sandals

70s Denim High Tops!

Okay, before i dig up as many visuals of the house as i can, let me say, that they are pretty much all between a size 7.5 and 8 and there are many more! I also grabbed some very pretty night gowns and a purple purse that matches the purple pumps!

So, walking into the house was like walking into a time capsule. Every room was decorated with the highest level of kitch from the 60s-70s. There was orange and pea green plaid wall paper matched with orange shag carpet. One room was cat themed. Cat figurines everywhere, cat wallpaper, cat curtains, cat everything! She must have been a wild collector...each room had a theme of collectible items with walls and walls of figurines. Her wardrobe reflected her insane love for 60s orange. She had really wacky taste! I gravitated towards the most neutral finds, but there were orange, yellow, purple, etc shoes a plenty. She also seemed really into Southwestern and Native American clothes/decor. She had TONS of turquoise jewelry and a lot of sandals and moccasins that i snatched up!
My heart rate was through the roof the whole time i was there...it was such a huge and overwhelmingly full house. It was a really strange feeling to walk through someone's space and pick things up for your own, although i know it was welcomed by the family and they were grateful. I have no idea why i didnt think to take a few photos with my phone...i keep trying to describe it to friends and lack appropriate words.
Consider me hooked! I will be hunting down as many estate sales as possible this summer!



I stumbled across this image that I had never seen by my favorite photographic duo Robert and Shana Parkeharrison. It seems all too appropriate these days. They have been making work about man's effect on the environment for years now. Anyone else terrified by an oil spill that goes on for weeks?
(check out the rest of their portfolio, it is positively inspiring for me)


Vintage Sandal Swoon

1a: SkinandWood (size 8)
1b: AdrainCompanyVintage (size 9.5)
1c: storyofthings (size 6)
2a: RaleighVintage (size 9/10)
2b: principessaemicranie (size 6.5)
2c: RockyMountainRetro (size 6/6.5)
3a: MariesVintage (size 6)
3b: weezieduzzit (size 6)
3c: Shabbylull (size 6)
4a: MariesVintage (size 6)
4b: fluffypinkbunnies (size 7)
4c: lisazain (size 7)


Back at it...safari style

Lately, I have been neglecting the shop and blog in focusing on end of the semester grading and general stress over finishing teaching my photo class. Now I am free as a bird all summer (maybe a little too free). I plan on lots of treasure hunting for the shop. I have been really into (tasteful) animal print lately and florals. I will start you off with a safari themed shop update. More to come!


I hope its okay

i never know if it is acceptable for me to wear dark tights with light shoes...i hope so! i mean...it isnt Memorial Day yet or anything.
p.s. this is the beautiful clover that i planted in my backyard this spring to make it less of a mud pit! it turned out pretty dreamy if i do say so myself.