oh such a perfect day

The best part of Southern Indiana summers? Quarry swimming! I have been busted and kicked out of many a quarry (generally, they require trespassing of some sort), but a friend of a friend rents a house with a quarry in the backyard...can you believe that? We got to swim guilt and worry free in honor of memorial day and my friend's birthday.
(please dont judge me for my crocs. i need and love them. i walk my dogs through creeks and into lakes...i best not be doing that in my vintage heels!)


  1. 'need' and 'crocs' don't belong in the same sentence...unless that sentence is 'i need to get rid of my crocs' - that would be acceptable.

  2. Love the photo of your pup looking into the quarry water--it's such a great shade! I don't have crocs, but I live on a lake and do have similarly ugly "water shoes" for usage while on the water, so I will not judge. :)