Lost in Photo World

I have been way to busy with teaching college folks photography to keep up with this blog! Sadly, I am sure that the neglect will continue. Here is a fateful photograph that I was able to make today. The light was coming through the front door and leaving insane shadows from the trees. I made my friend sit and cast a silhouette in the middle of the light. Very dreamy no? I think I will try again at that magical hour tomorrow. The light and shadows on the wall only lasted for about 15 mins today. exciting!


Terribly Cluttered with Pretty Things

My house is being overtaken by my shop! While it is all very beautiful clutter, I have been watching that show about hoarders too much lately and am getting edgy about having so much stuff. Maybe I just need a bigger house?



I Want

I love these garters+sheer socks by SWANclothing on Etsy. So delicate and beautiful.


Day Job

I have been keeping too busy lately between the shop and getting ready to go back to teaching photo for the semester (my wonderful day job!)

Although it is going to steal me away from my shop a bit, I am really thrilled to be teaching a class on historical photographic processes this semester. Above are some tests I was doing on cyanotypes. We will also be making pinhole cameras, Van Dyke brown prints, and tin types. I will keep you all updated with my work and maybe even some student work if they let me!


Super Swimwear Sale!

80s magenta textured suit with polka dot bows - S

80s Jantzen Wrap Style Navy Suit with Pink Braided Waist tie - M/L

60s Psychedelic Floral Bikini Top - XS

70s Floral Graphic Maillot - S

All Swim Wear $20.00!

All swimwear listed in the shop is marked down and any suit that you find on the blog that is not in the shop will also be $20. I will be posting about 6 more here soon. Contact me if you are interested in a suit here and i can send measurements and more photos!

Even though it is still blazing hot outside (here in Indiana at least), I sense Fall's approach and based on poor planning, I have a bunch of swim wear that I never listed in the shop! I want to clean house and find good homes for these beauties.


Bloomington Dress

Mod Cloth made a dress ala the place I call home...Bloomington, Indiana. It is fun to read the description romanticizing my daily haunts. The dress is cute and understated, like most things Midwestern. My only request would be to make it a bit longer for easier skirted bike riding (very Bloomington)!
Find it here: Bloomington Dress


New Dresses for a Neglected Blog

and a few other sweet items:

Not much of a theme going on, but all lovely! I have been away and keeping good company in the past week as I entered into my late twenties along with my twin sister. A trip home always means a trip out to some of my favorite thrift stores. These are all available in the shop with more to come...enjoy!


Clearing the Decks...SALE!

I recently moved a bunch of great pieces into my sale section at bargain prices...enjoy!



Dunn & Davis

I have been threatening it for a long time...call it summer boredom, but I finally opened a 2nd Etsy store for vintage housewares and collectibles called Dunn & Davis. I dont have much up yet...check back soon for more. (finding this typewriter is what finally made me break down and start the new store...its just perfect!)



It has happened again...my boredom on a Friday night has resulted in a bizarro treasury (titled after my favorite old Cap n' Jazz album no less!) Click on the photo to go see it <3


Slow Shipping Sale

★ ★ ★
S L O W S H I P P I N G S A L E ! ! !

Take 10% off when you order 1 item
Take 15% off when you order 2 items
Take 20% off when you order 3 or more items!

I will be away from shop from 06/19 - 06/26 and unable to ship packages.
Enjoy this sale as my apologies for shipping delays while i am gone!
*sale discounts will be refunded via paypal within 24 hrs of purchase. sale applies to item price only, shipping not included.
★ ★ ★


lovely prints

I ran across these prints about the outdoors that i LOVE by groundwork on Etsy.
she also has a website to visit here: www.dannaray.com


My Ideal Summer Outfit

I can usually only be found in earth tones throughout every season...something like this may just be my ideal summer outfit. The hat and shorts will be coming to the shop very soon. You can nab the moccasins (size 8) here. I bet you all already have a grubby t shirt with the neck cut out!
I haven't done any shop modeling in a long time, but its hard to resist putting some pieces on!