My Ideal Summer Outfit

I can usually only be found in earth tones throughout every season...something like this may just be my ideal summer outfit. The hat and shorts will be coming to the shop very soon. You can nab the moccasins (size 8) here. I bet you all already have a grubby t shirt with the neck cut out!
I haven't done any shop modeling in a long time, but its hard to resist putting some pieces on!


  1. I love this outfit! I'm a big earth tones fan myself (even my art tends to be earth tone-y). I just moved to NYC and, although I don't expect any trade secrets, are there any areas for vintage shopping you'd recommend? I'm originally from Michigan, so I'm pretty much a big, hockey loving fish-out-of-water.

    Also- I really like your blog and etsy shop and can't wait to see what you find next! Thanks!

  2. Hey Emily...thanks for being sweet!
    I am actually a midwestern girl myself...I live in Southern Indiana. Embarrassingly, I have never been to NYC in all my 26 years! Good luck on the move...sounds like a really good adventure.