My First Estate Sale

I went to my first estate sale yesterday morning....OH MY GOODNESS!!! I will tell more story at the bottom, but in short, i went shoe crazy. These black and yellow/orange beauties are the one pair that i will keep (at least for a while) as a reminder of my momentous occasion!

Multi-color snake skin heels

Cream and Black Tuxedo Wingtip Heels (Never worn)

Two tone Purple Lace up Heels

Corset Lace Ivory/Buff Heels

Italian Made Minimalist Gladiator Sandals

70s Denim High Tops!

Okay, before i dig up as many visuals of the house as i can, let me say, that they are pretty much all between a size 7.5 and 8 and there are many more! I also grabbed some very pretty night gowns and a purple purse that matches the purple pumps!

So, walking into the house was like walking into a time capsule. Every room was decorated with the highest level of kitch from the 60s-70s. There was orange and pea green plaid wall paper matched with orange shag carpet. One room was cat themed. Cat figurines everywhere, cat wallpaper, cat curtains, cat everything! She must have been a wild collector...each room had a theme of collectible items with walls and walls of figurines. Her wardrobe reflected her insane love for 60s orange. She had really wacky taste! I gravitated towards the most neutral finds, but there were orange, yellow, purple, etc shoes a plenty. She also seemed really into Southwestern and Native American clothes/decor. She had TONS of turquoise jewelry and a lot of sandals and moccasins that i snatched up!
My heart rate was through the roof the whole time i was there...it was such a huge and overwhelmingly full house. It was a really strange feeling to walk through someone's space and pick things up for your own, although i know it was welcomed by the family and they were grateful. I have no idea why i didnt think to take a few photos with my phone...i keep trying to describe it to friends and lack appropriate words.
Consider me hooked! I will be hunting down as many estate sales as possible this summer!


  1. wow! those are some amazing shoes!!! I really love the denim high tops and the gladiator sandles :) I wish we had estate sales here.....

  2. This is wild! I would have loved to see that house!! Was it in Bloomington?

  3. i am going to try to hunt down more this summer and will gladly drag you along, miss orr. this one was actually in franklin, indiana.

  4. You can drag me anywhere! But I'd especially love to be taken to estate sales.

  5. Gorgeous shoes! So happy for you that you discovered the wonderfulness of estate sales! I have been going to them for years, and the best ones are always the ones that are amazing time capsules, almost museum like. Congrats on your new discovery!(and finding one of the best ways to score some choice vintage!)