New Noisy Friend

I have woken up multiple times in the past week...usually right around 8 am...to the sound of my new woodpecker friend banging on the roof right above my bed. I have also spotted several downey woodpeckers at my feeder and in the trees at my house in the past few days. It is a charming way to start the day!

Print by Charley Harper


  1. we had tons of woodpeckers coming to our feeder until the huge squirrel that lives in our yard came by and stole all of their food...i hope the same doesn't happen to yours!

  2. we keep the squirrels fat and happy with lots of sunflower seeds on the ground. the woodpeckers seem pretty into the suet feeder in the tree. squirrels dont mess!
    you guys have some great bird watching space back there...and dog running...i am jealous!