my new girl

I let out squeals of delight yesterday when the UPS truck stopped at my house to deliver my perfect new dress form!! I had cheaped out on the previous dress form that I bought...not only was it oddly shaped, but it fell over often which lead to it quickly developing a crack in the base and constant leaning. ughhh....lesson learned i suppose. quality over $$ Embarassingly, as soon as I got the new form together, I tried about 20 different dresses on it and even clapped my hands a few times! (I am glad nobody was around to see such a display of affection)

In other news, I had previously avoided white clothing for the shop at all costs because I have always used a white background, making the clothing near invisible and endlessly frustrating. With Spring here and Summer on its way, I could no longer fight it. I painted a wall grey and have started a new white collection. Here are a few gems!


  1. oh wow - I've got my dream dressform but now NEED a grey wall. I love pale, white things but they are indeed a horror to shoot! what color did you use?

  2. i think the color was actually called "juvenile" which doesn't help at all! It was just a mid tone grey, BUT much more importantly, i got a matte finish. i had tried it previously with a semi-gloss and it reflected the light from my flash in a really terrible way. this was paint coat #2.