A Joanie Inspired Guest Entry

This Joanie Inspired Entry comes to us from my best friend who is now afar in West Hollywood, Kristin Peach Hooker. Hopefully you will see more of her soon!

As a fan of Christina Hendrick's Miss Holloway of Mad Men, I was particularly interested in finding her cute necklace, although I had no idea her necklace is actually a pen! There were some expensive versions of the gold pen necklace, but I settled on a $20 version from 1928 - a brand of vintage inspired jewelry.

During my search for the jewelry, I also came upon some super sweet vintage hair-do tutorials from a woman named Super Kawaii Mama! Here is her Mad Men hair tutorial:

Very fun! I watched a few of her hair tutorials and then fooled around in front of the mirror with a couple hundred bobby pins and a tube of liquid eyeliner.

Now, take a tip from Maria Bamford:
"Sometimes I still get a little homesick. And that's when I like to put on my Led Zeppelin CD, plug in my curling iron and just get full-on, balls-to-the-wall pretty."

ps: If you were Miss Holloway, you'd be learning your flirting skills from the 1962 book Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown.

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